Human resources

cftzMen and women motivated to take on challenges

SNIM is the second-largest employer in Mauritania after the public sector, employing nearly 4,500 people on permanent contracts, selected from among the best national profiles. The company’s main recruitment criteria are skill and merit.

SNIM offers its employees remuneration that takes account of their working conditions. Monitoring of employees enables them to keep up with changes in the technologies they use to carry out their work. They are either trained at the in-house training centers, which were created when the company’s production structures were launched, or sent abroad for training internships.

Creating value from its workforce is important for SNIM, as shown by the key position of the Zouerate vocational training center in the company’s Development and Modernization Program.

cftz2Zouerate technical training centre

SNIM, which has long been seen as a national reservoir of top-level professional skills, also supports the training of Mauritanian managers by providing scholarships to high school graduates. 

Officially opened on November 27, 2012, the Zouerate technical training centre offers modern educational programs delivered through work-study programs.

The centre can accommodate up to 330 students on diploma-granting and continuing education programs in the fields of mechanics, industrial electricity and welding.
Built on an area of 57,000 m2 at the foot of Kédia d’Idjil, the center has 24 classrooms, 17 meeting and conference rooms, 25 offices, 11 training workshops, a language lab, 3 food service areas and a 170-bed residence.