Reinforcement of SNIM ore harbor channel capacities

palios engPress release: Following the SNIM ore harbor channel dredging operation, completed in December 2021, and after refreshing its data on the international nautical charts, a first cargo of 180 000 metric tons has been loaded on 22/02/2022 on board of the MV P.S PALIOS. Two other vessels with the same cargo quantities followed since then the PS PALIOS. Such achievement certifies safe seaworthiness of the channel for the type of vessels.

“The dredging of our port Channel is an important achievement that has brought up our port on the same level of competitiveness as of our competitors’ ore harbors across the world”, stated Mr. Houcein Mohamed Mahmoud, Director of Railway and Port. “Thanks to the news depths at our port, we can load vessels whose deadweight is more than 200 000 metric tons”. He emphasized, “This result in the reduction of the number of vessels to be loaded contributes in reducing our carbon footprint.”

This key project, that will guarantee the sustainability and competitiveness of SNIM in the future and for the current joint-venture mining projects in the region, has cost 110 million euros. “We are grateful to our development partners, especially the African development Bank (ADB) and the European investment Bank (EIB) for their support in this project.”


SNIM (Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière) is a mining company and a major economic player currently operating in the research, extraction, processing and marketing of iron ore. The Company manages its entire production chain including a railway line and a deep-water port in Nouadhibou.

SNIM has been supporting the socio-economic development of Mauritania thanks to its exports, the number of its employees and its contribution to the GDP.

In addition, SNIM leaves its mark on the national industrial fabric with several subsidiaries active in fields ranging from tourism to mechanical construction, including foundry, transit, consignment, ornamental stones, oil installations, ..

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